Aloha and Welcome!
The spirit of the samurai hasn't died on Maui. It remains in Mitsune Dojo where the practice of Kendo is one of the expressions of the samurai way. Bushido, the way of the samurai, is cultivated in the vigorous practice of Kendo.   Like the refinement of steel and then its' shaping, tempering and  polishing, the kendoist gains the values, character and beauty  embodied in the katana.  
The practice, artistry and serenity of Kendo's pathway  provide a excellent and enriching environment for the development of a positive, noble and righteous character.    At Mitsune dojo both youth and adult practice in a setting  where the rich values and  traditions of the Samurai are appreciated and enjoyed.  
Our vision and purpose is to help develop a positive character in both youth and adults through the practice of  Kendo as both an art and a sport.  While also promoting good will at home and abroad.

  "Kendo on Maui since 1907" A Hawaii Kendo Federation Dojo
Clicgi- duty,  yuuki- courage,  jin- benevolence, rei-respect, makoto-truthfulness, meiyo-honor, chuugi-loyalty gi, yuuki, jin, rei, makoto, meiyo and chuugik here to add text.